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Reach a community that is looking to go out and have a good time! Our area of interest for our web viewers: Hundreds of Club and Bar listings.
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Spirit of Out Tonight
'Ello there! Welcome to my blog. I am Spirit, the lemur that presides over Out Tonight. I found my way from the wilds of Madagascar in search of nightlife here in the states. I travel extensively, searching out for well-known hot spots and fresh locales get their word out so that whether you're in San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, or Anywhere USA, you'll know what is going on.
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A Little History ...
OutTonight got its start in 2001 as a subsection of, a place for Drag Queens to advertise the show they are performing in.

But the club database quickly grew and before 2001 was over we split this database off into it's own website, initially called

From the beginning, our concept was always to allow users to locate the bars and clubs in their local area using their computer. We wanted to eliminate the need for you to get a copy of the local fag mag or newspaper. Actually there are many areas of the country that don't even have weekly publications with schedules.

So this website provided a way to look up events and schedules without any guessing. It's also a fabulous way for travelers to find out the local scene before starting their trip.

In 2003 the website added the cell phone version of the website, which allowed for users to find local listings from their cell phone. However, the concept never caught on because internet access through cell phones was not widely available, and those who had it were paying a lot of money for it.

In 2006 the dotMOBI domain name extension became available and in August of 2007 the website was given a brand new face lift and a name change into

This new website had a lot more functionality and a greatly expanded database of bars and clubs. But the number of cell phone users was still not wide spread in 2007.

Then the iPhone came out and Apple sold about 10 million in 2008, and at least 1 million a month in 2009. The race for smart phones was on, and internet was provided to everyone who got a new Blackberry, iPhone, Sidekick, LG and many others.

By May 2009 technology finally caught up to the service we were providing, and we are looking forward to wide spread usage.

We hope you enjoy using the the site. Please tell your friends about it.

Oh, and please click a few of those Google links you see throughout the site, that's how we make our money.

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