Akron OH
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Venue Listings

Adams Street Bar, Akron
mostly men, piano bar, drag shows, dancefloor, go-go dancers
Club Amsterdam, Akron
mixed crowd, neighborhood bar
Cocktails and Daddy's, Akron
mostly men, drag shows, dancefloor, videos shown
Interbelt, Akron
mixed crowd, drag shows, dancefloor, go-go dancers, videos shown
Lydia's, Akron
mixed crowd, live music, karaoke, dancefloor, neighborhood bar
Roseto Club, Akron
mostly women, karaoke, dancefloor, handicap accessible
Square, Akron
mostly men, live music, dancefloor, go-go dancers, lgbt owned/operated, handicap accessible
Tear-Ez, Akron
mixed crowd, drag shows, lounge, neighborhood bar, go-go dancers, handicap accessible
The Office, Akron
gay friendly, piano bar, neighborhood bar, handicap accessible