Cleveland OH
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Venue Listings

5-Cent Decision, Cleveland
mostly women, live music, karaoke, country/western, dancefloor, neighborhood bar
A Man's World, Cleveland
mostly men, dancefloor
Apex, Cleveland
mixed crowd, live music, karaoke, neighborhood bar
Bounce, Cleveland
mixed crowd, lgbt owned/operated
Club Argos, Cleveland
mostly men, young/collegiate, bears, dancefloor, neighborhood bar, go-go dancers
Cocktails Cleveland, Cleveland
mostly men, leather, karaoke, dancefloor, restaurant, go-go dancers, videos shown
Hamilton's, Cleveland
mixed crowd, dancefloor
KK Tricks, Cleveland
stylish, mixed crowd, 21+, gay friendly, live dj, dancefloor, bar, lounge, upscale bar, handicap accessible
Leather Stallion, Cleveland
mostly men, bears, leather, live music, neighborhood bar, restaurant
Muggs, Cleveland
mixed crowd, karaoke, dancefloor, neighborhood bar
Paradise Inn, Cleveland
mostly women, neighborhood bar
Rec Room, Cleveland
mostly women
The Edge, Cleveland
mixed crowd, drag shows, karaoke, dancefloor, neighborhood bar, go-go dancers
The Grid, Cleveland
mixed crowd, drag shows, karaoke, dancefloor, go-go dancers, videos shown
The Hawk, Cleveland
mostly men, neighborhood bar, handicap accessible
The Shed, Cleveland
mostly men, leather, country/western, dancefloor, neighborhood bar, handicap accessible
Tim's Place Ohio's Internatinal Gay & Lesbian Club, Lorain
casual, mostly men, mixed crowd, 21+, smoking patio, jukebox, drag shows, karaoke, neighborhood bar, pool table, lgbt owned/operated
Twist, Cleveland
mixed crowd, piano bar, dancefloor, neighborhood bar