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Thursday, May 24, 2007
SINGLE: Beyonce - Green Light (and more)
SINGLE: Beyonce - Green Light (and more) Beyonce is bringing B'Day back with new single "Green Light." Ok, what number single is this already? Let's count 'em out:

"Check On It" -- Released a year and half before the rest of the album, it had the misfortune of being associated (loosely) with a shitty film, Steve Martin's The Pink Panther. No one who actually liked the song bothered to connect it to the film and it was a smash. Not willing to dismiss a legit hit, it fit snuggly as a bonus track for almost all non-US releases, as well as the American iTunes version. It was the third sneaky placement of the track in it's lifetime; it was already an attempt to make Pink Panther hip, and being included on the Destiny's Child best-of was downright odd seeing as neither Kelly Rowland nor Michelle Williams had a solo track on that.

"Listen" from Dreamgirls -- A strong ballad that worked very well out and in context of the film. Solid.

"Deja Vu" -- A frenetic dance number that should've been bigger than it was. Inconsequential Jay-Z contributions aside, it also packed a great remix from the Freemasons.

"Ring the Alarm" -- Love it or hate it (I loved) anthem of feminine rage, embraced by the gays and dismissed largely by the het's. Killer vid inspired by Basic Instinct and a fantastic remix by the Freemasons.

"Irreplaceable" -- To the left, to the left. Extremely catchy, mid-tempo number where Beyonce throws her no-goodnik to the curb. It loses points for rhyming "minute" with "minute," but it's so infectious, you're almost willing to let that slide. Almost. Remixes by Ralphi Rosario and DJ Speedy followed.

"Upgrade U" -- Mixers were having a white label field day with this one by the time the deluxe edition came out. A bonafide single, it was geared towards the R&B market rather than dance clubs. More Jay-Z nonsense, but an otherwise quality Material Girl Money-Is-Fun track even if the general message is that Beyonce needs to clean her man up because she doesn't want to be seen out with him as-is.

"Beautiful Liar" -- Released as a Beyonce-only affair as well, but finding only real heat when rightfully matched with Shakira, "Beautiful Liar" was a great idea. I have no idea what it's actually trying to say, though. Is it the same man they're in love with ("The Boy Is Mine," anyone?) or are they merely commiserating? No real story to speak of, and the ladies don't even get to blaze the cheat's car on fire like Angela Basset. If anything, they seem strangely comfortable with the fact that their man is cheating on them.

"Amor Gitano" -- Spanish-language track from the deluxe version that went largely ignored by American markets because Alejandro Fernández doesn't look as good in tight leather pants as Shakira does (and really, who could?), "Amor" was a hit in Spain (#1), Chile, and Mexico. Beyonce also reworked "Irreplaceable" and "Listen" in phonetically accurate but dreary renditions that were more focused on pronunciation than dramatics. A publicized but as yet unreleased "Ring the Alarm" en espanol goes unheard.

"Get Me Bodied" -- An extended mix made available on the initial limited edition release of B'Day, eventually replacing the original version entirely for the deluxe edition, "Bodied" is a hot dance track that doesn't sound terribly much like one. It's sleek, funky, without too much fanfare. Not getting much airplay, it's video is quite popular (boosted by the savvy move to include her Destiny's Child bandmates) and the single contains no additional grooves. That's no fun.

"Green Light" -- Here we are! 9 tracks later and Beyonce is releasing yet another song (8 of them within a year!) Gurl has been busy. She made an album on the down low, made many videos, many even more videos for a compilation (which was equal parts vanity project and awesome photography), made her mark on lots of red carpets for Dreamgirls, took home Grammy's, may be working on a remix album, and agh! I am exhausted already. If she does release anything else from the same damn CD (and it's possible with the advent of the deluxe having six additional tracks than the original), she may need oxygen. And I'm not just saying that because "Freakum Dress" is damn irresistible. It's also just funny to say.

But, oh yes, "Green Light." Yeah, sure. Not necessarily one of the "Oh this is a single" but when more than 50% of your original 10-track album is a single, you get less picky. And you hire the Freemasons. They won the Grammy for a great mix of "Deju Vu" and haven't yet disappointed (in fact, let them just remix the whole thing!). Their eponymous mix (marked as "Club Vox" and "Radio Vox" accordingly) is again wonderful. The 8-minute full length version flies fabulously and improves upon an already decent track.

Madonna's got quite a bit to follow with from her Timbaland/Timberlake sessions.

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